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Ruben K review Origin Wars Osiris Child 2017. Like, comment and share enter the comp to win a copy giveaway. Website : Facebook: https Star Wars Battlefront 2 Reveals What Happened to Lukes Green ROTJ Lightsaber. About. Meet the Staff.Tags : Mad Max: Fury Road Star Wars. facebook. There are only so many stories, after alland these days, Mad Max: Fury Road is a part of all of them.This Article is related to: News and tagged Mad Max: Fury Road, Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back, Video. The clip imagines the introduction of the technology of Star Wars—and Darth Vader—to the violent, dehydrated landscape of Mad Max: Fury Road. What a lovely day, indeed. Related Stories. Furious 7 meets Pixars Cars in new trailer mashup. William Kircher (The Hobbit), Stephen Manley (Star Trek III), Daz Crawford (TVs Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), and Ashley Park also star.

Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter will be released later this year. Mad Max George Miller Mad Max: Fury Road Charlize Theron Tom Hardy Star Wars: The Force Awakens Star Wars Mashups.Meet Young Jesus, One Of The Best and Most Adventurous Young Indie Rock Bands Of 2018. A scavenger on the distant planet of Jakku, there is more to her than meets the eye.Star Wars is a cult in itself reinvented by the new horizons embarked with the introduction of Rey in The Force Awakens. Mad Max: Fury Road, on the other hand, laid the foundation stone for action movies in What if the world of Mad Max: Fury Road was part of the Star Wars universe? When two blockbusters meet, there can only be sparks. YouTube user Shenoi Krishna had the brilliant idea of bringing together the most popular cinematic sagas of the moment, Star Wars and Mad Max, into this stunning mashup video. Mad Max: Fury Road — Production designer: Colin Gibson. Star Wars: The Force Awakens — Production designers: Rick Carter, Darren Gilford.Bachelor Star Bekah Martinez Reveals She and Arie Met Up After He Sent Her Home (Exclusive). Ultra Warriors opening monologue/montage is completely insane: four-breasted slave girls, a post-apocalyptic world run by armed "pimps, bohemians and sexual deviants," and mutant bandits who cut people in half.

But it only gets worse in the 30 monologues that follow. In other hands this video could come off being quite cheesy or easily fall apart, but Shenoi is able to maintain the frenetic pace of Mad Maxs original trailer as well as generate an organic sense to the Star Wars additions. A self-described twenty-year-old Indian kid at the Krishna Shenoi Channel on YouTube posted quite a fun mashup of the recently released Mad Mad: Fury Road with Star Wars. Its very well done and immensely entertaining. Feel free to drop a few PayPal coins in our Tip Jar to help us meet some of our running costs. Chocolate, tea, flasks of wine, books of verse, the usual. Hoo-boy do I have ideas about my current Star Wars RPG game after watching this! Thanks to IO9 for the heads-up, and the Youtube channel of Krishna Shenoi. Mad Wars [Mad Max: Fury Road VS Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (trailer mashup)]. Star Wars meets Mad Max in this vast desert landscape. When we think Star Wars, Mad Max doesnt usually come to mind, and vice versa. But, here we are, drooling over an awesome fan-made trailer that mashes up Star Wars and George Millers Mad Max: Fury Road. URL.ORG. Results 1 - 1 of 1 for: mad max meets star wars. Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Watch an amazing time-lapse video of the sky, why you should upgrade to Windows 10, free Nespresso delivery. "Road Wars" is an ingenious movie mashup of the Mad Max and Star Wars movie franchises. For the timeline attached to the first three films starring Mel Gibson, see Timeline of events (original trilogy). With the advent of Mad Max: Fury Road and the complimentary comic books, a new - alternative - timeline of events was presented. What if the world of Mad Max: Fury Road was part of the Star Wars universe? New video features. Star Wars Legion: Rebels Expansions Unbox Build. How to Paint Bones Quick Easy. Star Wars Legion: Imperials Unbox Build. Painted Figure Showcase. Typhon, The Destroyer Army of One. News Trailers Reviews Features Star Wars Marvel DC Universe.The team behind Damage cited GTA III as one of the titles contemporaries and built the game using visual inspiration from Mad Max, Blade Runner and Waterworld. Heres some more great fan art inspired by Mad Max: Fury Road, this one by James Zapata and mashing the movie up with Star Wars (via First Showing) The Mad Max series of films has had a significant impact on modern popular culture.

James Cameron also credits the movie, along with Star Wars, for having a major influence on him.[9].If we meet our quarterly gas-finding target, I promise you we will don our bondage gear, fuel our death cars /Mad Max Mashup Star Wars.Meet Michael B. Jordan, Chadwick Boseman, Lupita Nyongo, and Ryan Coogler in the flesh! blackpanther marvel mcu wakandaforever wakanda chadwickboseman michaelbjordan lupitanyongo ryancoogler. This entry was posted in Wednesday Videos and tagged Fury Road, Mad MAx, mash-up videos, Star Wars. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.One thought on Mad Max Meets Star Wars! Mad Max meets Star Wars in the film, which is getting a limited theatrical release on June 2. The robot overlords better look out. The new trailer for Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter shows humanity is ready to fight back. The series, described as a cross between Star Wars and Mad Max, is set in the distant future depicting the struggles of humanity forced to merge with machine intelligence. First season will consist of 6-8 episodes, with production due to begin in 2016. Star Wars: Mad Max. Browsing Shortcuts: Thumbs Up and go next(10/18/2015) [-]. Lunatic Luke: Road Wars. The mash-up merges footage from the currently-in-theaters Fury Road with bits and pieces from across the Star Wars films.Tags: mad max fury road. Most movie mashups are carefully edited footage of two films to make them feel like they are the same film, but Krishna Shenoi has taken things a step further by compositing parts of the Star Wars films into Mad Max: Fury Road. The Ultimate in Snowman Terror: Watch Frozen Meets The Thing. February 23, 2015. Vader Also String-Free in Age of Ultron-Style Star Wars Trailer. January 22, 2015. Fury Road is one long explosive chase from which the films real stars emerge the team who built thoseMad Max as Australian gothic: dont leave the road if you want to survive | Ben Wilkie.The Doof Wagon was our chance to have music, but it had to be the music of war, Gibson says. Watch more Mad Max videos on Know Your Meme!Video Description. What if the world of Mad Max: Fury Road was part of the Star Wars universe? Oswalt commissioned a Star Wars meets the Road Warrior line, and Sillof did not disappoint. Lets start with the good guys: From left to right, thats The Wilding, Cptn Hal, the Warrior Princess, ObbaWanno, and the Farmboy. The Conjuring franchise could meet an unexpected demise.Many leading sources are claiming it may infact only be a small cameo role as a Stormtrooper, similar to that played by Daniel Craig in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Mad Max: Fury Road Meets Star Wars in Fantastic Road Wars Trailer Mash-Up. Posted on Friday, July 17th, 2015 by Ethan Anderton. YouTuber and fanboy Krishna Senoi mashed Star Wars and Mad Max: Fury Road together to make ROAD WARS because the only thing that can make the land of gnarly flame guitars and crazy nipple piercings even radder is lightsabers. The video, titled Road Wars: The Imperator Strikes Back, shows off a universe that nearly seems like it should exist in the Star Wars universe (maybe Im biased because I liked Mad Max so much). Give it a look below. Star Wars R2-D2 and BB-8 Two-Sided Faux Leather Tote Bag. December 20, 2017. Harley Quinn Classic Womens Bomber Jacket.Ryan May has put the characters from Adventure Time into the world of Mad Max: Fury Road. Where science meets science fiction.Mad Max: Fury Road and Star Wars arent the kind of movies you would consider natural bedfellows. Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer Mashup.Nerd Alert: Star Wars Meets Doctor Who Batman v Superman 60s Remix. Nerd Alert: Teens React to Fuller House Spectre Honest Trailer. At first glance, Star Wars and Mad Max dont have much in common. One is set a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away the other is set on our own planetDork Side of the Force 106w agoStar Wars Meets Mario Kart In Fanmade Star Kart Video. I dont know what possesses people to spend what must be countless hours doing something like this, but one video editor has taken it upon themselves to mashup Mad Max: Fury Road with several scenes from Star Wars, several of which coming from Star Wars: Episoe VII Post World War III futuristic tale of collapsed governments bankrupt countries heralding a new lawless age.Mad Max meets the Man With No Name in this futuristic story of a gunfighter (Joe Lara), whoRutger Hauer plays a disgraced former star leading a rag tag group of " See full summary ». Share. Behold Road Wars! By Alex Osborn. A mashup video that combines Mad Max: Fury Road with elements of Star Wars has surfaced online. Dubbed "Road Wars: The Imperator Strikes Back," this two-minute teaser, created by YouTube user Krishna Shenoi My desire for more of this kind of information was met with cries of SF cinema does not need more exposition dumps and Look at Star WarsStar Wars: Characters, backstory, and motivation. So why do I feel like Star Wars gave us enough to hang the character motivations on where Mad Max didnt? So, when you take the recently great Mad Max: Fury Road and combine it with the always great Star Wars (we mean that in the classic sense) the result is even greater that the sum of its parts. Check out the trailer for Road Wars: The Imperator Strikes Back.