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I was having the same problem with an accordion/toggle sub-menu that was nested within a dropdown-menu in Bootstrap 3. Borrowed this syntax from the source code to stop all collapse toggles from closing the dropdown Try doing something like this. Twitter Bootstrap 3.3.4: navbar with right aligned dropdown menu always visible / usable. how to get the value of bootstrap dropdown menu from dropdown submenu in onclick event of jquery? Changing row spacing in the collapsed drop-down menu (bootstrap).Ive got a dropdown, and got a list of tables below the drop-down. Id like to write a jquery code that only displays one table at a time depending on the selected drop-down value. Next Tweet from user. Free jQuery Plugins jqueryscript Jan 30. Follow Follow jqueryscript. Following Following jqueryscript.Retweeted. 1. Like. Liked. Back to top .

And this script for making it drop down: (document.body).on(click, . dropdown-menu li, function(event) .Something like this Bind an event to the Bootstrap drop-down menu thats fired whenever the user makes or changes a selection. Sometimes referred to as a pull-down menu, drop-down list, or drop-down box, a dropdown menu is a list of items that appears when clicking on a button or text selection.!-- jQuery (necessary for Bootstraps JavaScript plugins) -->