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Well, lets face it, AJAX is everywhere. Nowadays clients want AJAX "enabled" web applications. They want their web sites to be Web2.0 and that is usually associated with using AJAX. No doubt using AJAX to load parts of your page and use more javascript effects, made easy by jQuery Hopefully this helps out a bit! Rather than appending with jQuery to the end we can already have what we need in the HTML and just show and hide it when we need to. jQuery isnt working in Firefox. Force Autocomplete to Ignore for a Forms Message Field. window location get the URL.I need a little help, im trying how to make display "AJAX loading.gif" is an animated gif at image content. Anyone have some idea or solution ? thanks. CSS. loadbig a.loading background:url(images/ loading.gif) no-repeat center centerCancel. jquery loading load image gif. simple jQuery Gif Loader. A Pen By Mohamadload width:200px height:100px display:block Hi I have a section of code that displays data on the page.

I also have an animated gif that I want to show briefly (a second or two) before the prices are displayed. Any ides? AJAX Loader gif jquery. Meetups forum blog about display. As of final outputs a misdirection .New project is created using jquery loading display a wrong link . Do i display aapr , see how can we display aapr. create easily your own ajax loader. jQuery UI Widgets Forums Editors Input, Password Input, TextArea, ColorPicker, Rating, TagCloud, Loader Jqxloader gif doesnt display. please look at the above html frame. if i click menu on [Menu] frame, then loading gif image will display [Load page] frame. but gif image display only [Menu] frame. i have a jquery ajax request. On page load a loading-image is displayed. this is working well, but i want to display the loading gif for a minimum of 1 second.

Ive already tried this: Ajax loader image: How to set a minimum duration during which the. What Mehran Torki is saying is that you need to first put the loader to show before the request - and then hide it in success callback. With the help of jQuery and CSS, you can easily display a loading image until the page loads completely.script>