insert javascript value into php variable





On the JavaScript side the way you typically pass a value from JavaScript to PHP is through the request.We encode the data were inserting into URI components with encodeURIComponent.Great help, thanks. what about get php variable in javascript ? javascript value into php The output of javascript variable value passed as an input of php variable.Insert Data Into MySQL Database using jQuery AJAX PHP. I would like to use a javascript variable that was returned to me by a videoel.getCurrentTime function and convert it to a php variable for me to able to add it up to my SQL Insert Query like INSERT INTO tblData VALUES (phpVarFromJavascript) I want to directly pass the value of a javascript variable into php variable I used this code below but it doesnt workMessage. Insert Code Snippet AltI. Code Inline Code Link. in php page : sql"INSERT INTO expression (id, age) VALUES (,age)" but it is stored value 0 in mysql database. how to call function in ajax and store the values in database.How to pass value of PHP variable to javascript. If I want to alert or insert some text somewhere I cant. For example in one of my . js file I have an alertYou can create new file - for example js.php which will load proper language file and print out all variables into JavaScript arrayvalue strreplace(" , value) Im trying to include JavaScript variables into PHP code as PHP variables, but Im having problems doing so.result "INSERT INTO training(level, schoolname, trainingdate) VALUES(levelvar, trainingnamevar, trainingdatevar)" or die("Query not possible.") I was wondering how I can put a variable value from PHP name, into a Java script variable, so I can insert it into this offline openDatabase for testing.