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To set current date in control to which jQuery UI datepicker bind, use setDate() method.Note: Please set the date format as per your need, otherwise it will use date format of client machine.DatePicker component author NHN ent FE dev Lab /.yyyy-mm-dd] - Date string format param Array.> [options.selectableRangesparam boolean [options.autoClose true] - Close after click a date example var DatePicker data-date-format"MM yyyy" />. Minimum and maximum dates. To limit date selection, useminDateandmaxDate, they must receive JavaScript Date object.Sets new viewing date for datepicker, must pass a JavaScript Date objectDate(). var jdate5(date).jqxDateTimeInput(getDate) Output date5 is Fri Jun 28 2013 00:00:00 GMT0530 (India Standard Time). Can you please guide me regarding this as I exactly want output in this format (yy-mm-dd). I need to get the date as yyyy-MM-dd, but I always get in different formats. How can I get datepicker value as I want?document.getElementById("button").onclick function() output.innerHTML ("thedate"). datepicker("getDate")Javascript I then retrieve the date in JavascriptThe result is a date: for example: 7/19/11, but I need to redisplay it in this format: d MM, yyyy. Is there no way to specify a format mask when retrieving the date from DatePicker? The exception I get is "sd.addHours is not a function", and using firebug it looks like getDate is giving me the wrong object (not a Date).There is method in addHour native JavaScript Date class (see httpDatePicker.

init(self,format"Y-m-d") def buildattrs(self, attrs, extraattrsNone . (.datepicker ).datepicker( startDate: -3d ) Defaults for all options can be modified directly by changing values in the .fn. datepicker.defaults hashgetDate. Add script as a module. About ES6 Modules.

Modules are a feature that allow your browsers JavaScript to use import statements to import functions, objects or primitives.valueGetDate dateInput.datepicker("getDate"), valueValConvertToDate new Date(valueVal) console.log Because the function getDate() returns a date object, not a string. You can format the date using formatDate().Javascript array of dates - not iterating properly (jquery ui datepicker). Disable day dynamically after clicking it. jQuery datepicker date range throwing invalid date range error with valid I have two problems in this code using jquery datepicker (first is alert the getdate method with time but I need the date only in format(yyyy-mm-dd)) the second problem I need to get the selected date into the textbox but it gives me| Recommendjavascript - jquery ui datepicker, reverse format date. You can retrieve the date by using the getDate function: ("datepicker ").datepicker( getDate ) The value is returned as a JavaScript Date object.1,3111316. this will only work if your date format is d-m-Y if you have m-d-Y or any other format, youre hosed! It seems to be a common question of how do you get the day, month and year values from the jQuery UI datepicker ( and from the jQuery UI datetimepicker ) on selection.var date selectedDate.getDate() var date new Date() console.log(.datepicker.formatDate("yy-mm-dd", date)) The DatePicker object has a handy-dandy built-in date formatter, and since its a utility function, it doesnt even require you to apply a DatePicker to an element. text/css" href"js/demos.css" rel"stylesheet" />