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Hello everyone, I reciently purchased a Western Digital My Book Live and was using it to stream my Media to my PS3, and my Box Office Media Player, and itsomeone could figure out a way to bypass the WD twonky controls, leaving them off altogether, so that the twonky server could be run by its own config pages. Update twonkyserver - My Book Live - WD Community.Western Digital My Book backup and recovery software. Pro Edition My Book drives have a Twonky media server. In addition, the World Edition uses. As server VLC media should see Twonky on MBL. If will not brake, means, a problem somewhere in TV.LcHNextGen Twonky Server 8.0.1 downloads Keys approach from version 7 Perfectly works (I use a web the interface twonky (not WD)) The start script left while the old [spoiler] !/bin/sh wd twonky media server update. Keyword Suggestions.WD My Book Live reviewed | Uranium Backup Blog blog.uraniumbackup.us. WD My Cloud EX2100 4TB NAS 2 Bay Storage - PC/Mac sg-live-02.slatic.

net. The TWONKY media server on my WD My Book Live 1TB network drive is becoming a pain. I use it to stream via the home network(via cable) films to my Philips smart TV recently there seems to be a comparability issue. When it comes to performance, the WD My Book Live Duo handled itself pretty well over gigabit Ethernet. The Western Digital raised the bar with the My Book Live Duo, perfectlySoftware-wise this is based on Twonky Media server.Only this feature alone make this device worth to purchase! WD My Book Live Network Attached Hard Disk ReviewUse your device as media server with the DLNA Server (Digital Living Network Alliance Server).[FAQ] Twonky DLNA Media Server Setup Use - WD CommunityMedia Server application is UPNP/DLNA compatible Digital Media Server on 03/21/15--01:52: Re: Complete guide to upgrade to Twonky 7/8 version (My Book However, if I try to connect to Twonky server with Windows Media Player, there is no I have a WD My book live DUO 4TB and I followed the instructions. Twonky mediaserver related function is NOT compatible with I was successfully running 4.0.3 on my WD My Book Live in a chrooted Debian.

going to need step my step detail twonky stinks. Also need it for pogo plug if anybody tried. WDs My Book Live home network drive allows you to consolidate your media in one central location for everyone on your wired or wireless network to access and enjoy.Time Machine backups and the Twonky Media Server run like champs! Filter your search. My Cloud Home My Cloud My Book. My Passport WD Elements WD easystore. Internal Drives Software Legacy Products.This answer explains how enable or disable the Twonky Media Server on a My Book Live network drive.END. I know the wd my book live uses Linux and has its own built in media server, but the organization and scrapping of information about the media is what is important to me. Has anyone checked into if the readynas project would apply to the my book live? My photos all in .jpg stored on my WD My Book Live NAS with Twonky media streamer show as very small thumbnail in the center of the TV (46PFL8606).But its not a problem of the TV, it is how the TV is recognized on the NAS Server! Install Twonky on your PC, check there for the Options i mentioned and stream I just upgraded my My Book Live Western Digital NAS device to use their new media server (Twonky is their other option) and I would like toA lot of my video files are in AVI format which the Roku is not able to handle natively, does anyone know if the WD media server transcodes them or is Восстановление WD My book live, прошивка WD My book live Hi All, Yesterday, I bought a WD My Book Live.

The devided is wired to my router (obviously).Have you confirmed that the folders you have your media files in on your WD drive are "shared" by the server software? Twonky is enabled. -explainlikeimfive. -personalfinance. -books.top new controversial old random qa live (beta).I had a better experience using the built in Twonky Media Server and the iOS app Infuse Pro.Hi, I cant seem to access videos (or any other media) on my WD wireless drive on my iPad with Infuse Pro. Unfortunately, both with Twonky or DLNA media server, the WD My Book Live shows a lot of issue with Samsung Smart TVs.(For the Twonky look elsewhere because its not opensource, so I immediately removed it). N ote: If your drive is not listed in the table below, it does not include the Twonky Media Server feature. WD NAS Drive s with Tw o nky Me d ia Se rve r.For assistance enabling or disabling this service please see Answer ID 6606: Enabling or Disabling the Twonky Media Server for the My Book Live. I have several external drivers that I can add on the shares of the mediaserver but I dont know why I cant add WD My Book World Edition folders to my shares even if they are on my pc as map drives. Probably is because that external hard drive already have installed Twonky Media Server 5.1.9. WD My Book Live Lets You Stream Media, Back up Files. Video.The My Book Live serves up media to iTunes, as well as DLNA and UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) media adapters via the embedded Twonky media server. Hi dreamrivers, I want to uprgrade my Twonky WD My book . First of all, what kind of Licence of Twonky server need to pay ? Win, mac, Linux ? Introduction to the My Book Live Platform Unboxing and Setup Impressions Benchmarking the WD My Book Live Western Digitals Personal Cloud Solution Miscellaneous Issues and Final Words.Software-wise this is based on Twonky Media server. I must warn folks about the WD MyBook Live it has no built in backup facility and thus Id strongly recommend against buying one until WD provide aIts worth noting that if you do have one, now that there is a post about SSH access, you can change the transcoding.db to make the existing Twonky 5 Введение. Накопитель WD My Book Live прекрасно справляется с основными задачами сетевого хранилища (SAMBA/NFS/AFP).производитель из дополнительных возможностей предоставил только медиасервер (проприетарные Twonky Media 5 или WD Media Server на выбор). i have my book live 3tb.i just know can i enable both wd dlna media server n twonky media server on my mbl boot?or anyone know how to modified the script to make both media server run? Brennie, If i understand fromyour comments, if I want to get my existing itunes music library onto the wd mybooklive share drive (so that the itunes library will show up via twonky on the home theatre system) I need to go toWhen using My Book Live or World, can I use the media server to sync to my iPod? www.groundedreason.com/wd-my-cloud-media-s WD My Cloud Twonky Server - My Cloud - WD CWD My Cloud as Web server - My Cloud - WD Communi Just as an experiment really, I tried following this for the My book live, but I have the error saying My-WWW does not exist! http Add a new page. Complete guide to upgrade to Twonky 7/8 version (My Book Live ONLY) - work with single and duo.0) Only if you have a Duo, go to WD GUI and disable DLNA server (which is not Twonky). WD MyCloud DLNA Media Server Settings Page. Twonky Media Server Music View.I have the My Book World Book II but I have been thinking about upgrading to the My Cloud EX2 since they have a Windows 8 app. 3. Media Server This disc includes the media server Twonky Media , allowing us to play our media files streamed on different computers as televisions certified DLNA , Xbox 360 or PS3 or players like the WDSee en Amazon WD My Book Live 2TB Personal Cloud Storage NAS Share Files and Photos. Im in need of some help - I have a WD My Book Live 3TB which has just been updated to the latest firmware version 2.42.02-012.To switch back to Twonky if the WD Media Server doesnt work as expected, download this file and do the same. When I connect TV trought PS3 media server (from my mac) it works how it should I tryed to configure Twonky media player trought port 9000 but It says: "Access is restricted to MediaServer configuration!". unzip twonky-WDMyCloud04.xx.xx-arm-8.2.1.zip. And now we run the server againOptimising Operation of the Media Server Q. How does the Twonky service work on the MyCloud?I followed the below instructions (used for my book live with success) [GUIDE] WD my book live duo: How Some Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Twonky, And Some Answers The MyCloud includes a Twonky DLNA Media Server. Sadly it For me following worked to get the Server running on my WD MyBook Live NAS and it is a lot faster then on the Guruplug.Disable Twonky Login to your My Book Live Webinterface. Goto: Settings -> Media Disable the Twonky Sevice. Twonky Server is the industry leading DLNA/UPnP Media Server from Lynx Technology that enables sharing media content between connected devices. Twonky Server is used worldwide and is available as a standalone server (end user installable, e.g. for PCs/Macs) When the SM6 searches for Media it comes up with the PC Library, a further Twonky server for sharingsomething and the My Book - but the My Book is empty, apparentlyIm 99 sure that updates to the MyBook Live are incompatible with the only version of Twonky that WD will supply. "WD My Book Live" NAS Disassembly - How to open, take out Hard disk - Продолжительность: 10:45 Saurabh Kumar 142 302 просмотра.DLNA home network set up with twonky media. Drivers Catalog Others Western Digital My Book Live Network Media Server.2 drivers are found for My Book Live Network Media Server. To download the needed driver, select it from the list below and click at Download button. are you using a WD My Cloud NAS drive with a couple of files on it, like pictures or what ever?3) Connect to the WD My Cloud with putty, username is by default root with the password welc0me6) Done, you can reboot the device now to verify the results. Also you can open the twonky server Figure 7: WD My Book Live System page. The Media Tab (Figure 8) holds Twonky and iTunes panels. WD makes no attempt to hide the fact that they use PacketVideos TwonkyMedia server and even have a link to the TwonkyMedia site. Enabling or disabling the twonky media server - wd support, for assistance accessing the dashboard please see answer id 5871 how to access the dashboard on a my book live or my book live duo click settings click media if you wish to enable the service check the enabled check box if you wish to You may need a media server like Twonky to stream content to devices that do not have this technology, but most modern devices like the iPad all support DLNA.The WD My Book Live is a personal cloud storage, a NAS accessible from home but also from the web. [FAQ] Twonky DLNA Media Server Setup Use - My Cloud - WD — 22 Feb 2015 Some Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Twonky, And Some Answers.Switching between TwonkyMedia and WDs DLNA Media Server on — My Book Live drives that have been upgraded to firmware version Twonky Media Server - My Cloud - WD The Twonky Server license key is perpetual and does not expire. Update twonkyserver - My Book Live But basically WD simply said other than turning off the Twonky Media Server there was nothing else they could offer.Otherwise check the WD forums. AFTV (non-rooted Kodi) WD My Book Live NAS. an old version of Twonky Media Server that is License key can be purchased from the following link . is the responsibility of the MyBook Live owner to purchase and key in theSoon Angie finds live twonky book wd 7 my enjoying possession of a black cat,Sent from my Nexus 7 using XDA Premium HD app . Quickly Enable DLNA, iTunes and Twonky Server.1[GUIDE] WD my book live duo: How to hide network device via Samba (smb.conf). 215 Steps: Getting Started With NAS Iomega Home Media Network Drive WITHOUT Twonky. WD SmartWare Software Update for Windows WD TV Live Hub Media Center Firmware Update 2.06.10 WD Discovery Software 1.61 for Windows 2000/XP/Vista WD SmartWare for Windows My Book Elite Firmware Updater