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Like people, guinea pigs lack the physical ability to manufacture their own vitamin C, and require an outside source of vitamin C in the form of vegetables and fruits.Some guinea pigs may develop a vitamin C deficiency even when they are getting enough vitamin C in their diets. Vegetables and fruits are a great source of antioxidants and vitamins, including vitamin C. Your guinea pig may enjoy foods like kale, celery, beets, bell peppers and apples for their vitamin C fix. Veggies. Guinea pigs are vegetarians who feed mostly on grasses in the wild. In captivity, however, theyll delight in fresh vegetables given as treats daily.Fruits are an excellent source of vitamin C for humans and guinea pigs alike. Vitamin content of f ruit and vegetables. Fruit. Most of these values are for raw vegetables. If these are boiled, they may lose some of the above-mentioned vitamin content. Vegetables fruit that are low in sugar, high in vitamin C and low in Calcium! Here is a list of Foods essential to a happy healthy guinea pigThis type of hay is quite rich in calcium and should only be given as a treat for guinea pigs. Supplemental mixture prepared with fruits and vegetables of the highest quality, sources of vitamins, minerals and pectin to ensure optimum development.Versele-Laga Cavia Nature for Guinea Pigs.

Find out what fruits, vegetables, and herbs you can feed your guinea pig. Vitamin C and Calcium info also included.When the first man arrived in New Guinea many thousands of years ago, he found a country rich in the natural Guinea Pig Today News and Information on Modern Life with Bounties of Because guinea pigs are herbivores, this list only contains fruits, vegetables, and plants. And I did not list every type of grass or weed, just common ones.Limes are rich in Vitamin C. However, because of their acidity, feed sparingly to avoid intestinal distress. Loquat. What cind of foodfor guinea pig have vitamin c? Guinea pigs need all sorts of fruits and veggies for vitamin C, especially peppers.Vegetables rich in vitamin C are not treats, they are necessary for good health for your pet. If your pet does not get enough Vitamin C, it can affect their health in Some small mammal vitamin supplements do not contain adequate vitamin C levels for guinea pigs Vitamin C content of vegetables varies it may appear that the diet is providing adequate amounts from fruit and vegetable sources, while theseProvide a variety of vitamin Crich vegetables daily. Best Answer: Here is a list of fruits and vegetables which are high in vitamin c and safe for guinea pigs.But of course, its your animal and I too like to give my guinea pigs something different occasionally. Oranges are very rich in vitamin C.

But oddly enough so are brussel sprouts and Fruits Vegetables that are High in Vitamin C. Fruits and vegetables that contain 12 mg or more vitamin C per reference amount (20 of the Daily Value per reference amount) qualify to carry the label high in vitamin C. Packed with Vitamin C. Fruits Vegetables are Rich in Antioxidants Nutrients. Provides Complete Nutrition. Packed with long lasting Vitamin C to prevent nutritional deficiency.Daily Feeding Amount: Guinea Pig - 1/4 to 1/2 cup. We remind you that the guinea pigs need to eat lots of vitamin C and for this their diet requires fruits and vegetables rich in this vitamin. If you want to know what fresh food you can give to them, you cannot miss this very interesting video presented by our veterinarian Antonio Rodrguez. The best hay to feed your guinea pig is timothy or oat hay. Alfalfa hay is too rich in calcium andThe Oxbow company has a vitamin C tablet specifically for guinea pigs (GTN-50 C) that most seem toOutside of this basic, staple diet of hay, pellets, and fresh vegetables and fruits, anything else Packed with Vitamin C. Fruits Vegetables are Rich in Antioxidants Nutrients.Daily Feeding Amount: Guinea Pig - 1/4 to 1/2 cup. Storage Instructions: A naturally preserved product needs special attention to maintain maximum freshness. Ideally, a guinea pigs diet should consist of Timothy hay, fruits, vegetables and pellets. Let me explain each category in detail.We only want healthy and happy guinea pigs here. Look for pellets that are made up of 16 fiber and 20 protein, complemented by Vitamin C. Like humans, guinea The menu for guinea pigs is vast and it includes branches, vegetables, plants, herbs, hay and fruits.Great food for the winter season and is rich in vitamins. Spinach. Contains oxialic acid so should only be provided rarely. A part from the complete feed for Guinea Pigs you can buy, you must give them fresh fruits and vegetables.Strawberries are also vitamin C rich, so we can supplement the diet with this fruit. Dr. Decuyperes Nutrient Charts Vitamins Chart . Use these charts to find the nutrient contents of your favorite fruits, nuts, proteins and vegetables. Click on the links below to visit each chart Guinea pigs should eat varied fruits and vegetables to ensure their diet is properly balanced. Eating the same fruits and vegetables day after day can cause intestinal problems forBest fruits for guinea pigs. Fruits are a fantastic dietary supplement thanks to their high vitamin content. Formulated specifically for guinea pigs. The added fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants and nutrients. Provides complete nutrition. Added vitamins and minerals to maintain overall health. A Medical and Care Guide for Guinea Pigs.Fruit Chart -- vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, Ca:P ratio -- PRINT.Oxalic Acid -- both alphabetic and high/low ordered lists of select vegetables -- PRINT. Guinea pigs over 6 months should be fed timothy pellets. Pellets containing alfalfa contain a large of calcium (alfalfa is calcium- rich).The pellets, vegetables, and fruits guinea pigs consume contain vitamin C. It is a good idea to provide guinea pigs with supplemental vitamin C, especially older Also, it is highly recommended to provide your guinea pig with following healthy nutrients and organic products: 4) Vegetables (daily) 5) Fruits (occasionally) 6)Pear: Thin wedge, include peel, no seeds. Apricot: Dried, a couple small pieces. Banana: Relatively low in vitamin C but rich in other nutrients. Foods high in oxalic acid should not be given in large quantities but they do need plenty of vitamin C in their diet. Find out more about the different types of food that guinea pigs need. Here are some points to remember when feeding vegetables and fruit to your guinea pigs Guinea pigs require vitamin C daily. Vitamin C can be obtained through fresh, raw fruits and vegetables, or through dietary supplements.Plain, dye free, high quality guinea pig pellets (mixes with nuts are considered too rich), formulated with Vitamin C can be provided in a small heavy So how to solve this guinea pig vitamin C problem? Feed them food rich with vitamin C and then add more vitamin C. As mentioned - it is all about the diet.Feed them raw, fresh vegetables and fruits. Another treat option is a small animal salt lick, which is a rich source of healthy minerals and is a healthy way to satisfy your guinea pigs desire for salt.Supplementing with treats in the form of citrus fruits and vegetables allows you to provide Vitamin C from natural sources, while still giving him the Although the guinea pig mix and hay will provide the guinea pig with a good basic diet it is necessary also to feed fruit, vegetables or plants as a source of Vitamin C as guinea pigs lack the enzyme to produce this. Alfalfa Hay is rich in calories and calcium. It should be fed to babies (< 4 months old) and nursing or pregnant mothGas producing: Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli. Guinea Pig Diet and Husbandry.Vitamin C content of vegetables and fruits: FOOD SOURCE mg per cup. Vitamin C is commonly found in fruits and vegetables, which we often fail to include in our daily meals and diet.About 2 medium sized kiwi fruits contain as much as 137.

2 mg of vitamin C. They are also rich in flavanoids and copper. Guinea pigs are easy to keep as pets, but do have some special dietary requirements. Special attention to making sure they have enough fibre and vitamin C in their diet is aHere are some of the fruits and vegetables that are rich in nutritional benefits, the high sugar foods can be considered as Guinea pigs share a unique quality with human beings: the inability to synthesize (create) Vitamin C for their bodies. Because this is true, Vitamin C must be supplied to guineaFoods high in Vitamin C Feeding a guinea pig a diet with Vitamin C rich fresh fruits and vegetables is also important. Healthy diet for guinea pigs.Fresh fruits and vegetables are important part of a guinea pigs diet. It is rich in vitamins, especially in vitamin C. As guinea pigs can not naturally synthesize this essential vitamin, you should provide it through the food they consume on a daily basis. Every day, I feed my guinea pigs fresh vegetables and occasionally a little fruit.Unlike many animals, guinea pigs cant produce their own vitamin c. A deficiency of vitamin c, could lead to scurvy and also loss of resistance to other diseases. A wide range of lush, leafy green vegetables Cos Lettuce. coriander or kale for example, combined with high vitamin rich sources will be the key in ensuring your cavies digestive system maintainsGuinea pigs require one cup of vegetables a day. Fruits can be distributed once or twice per week. Vegetables are an important source of nutrition and calories for guinea pigs. Some owners choose to feed their cavies a diet composed solely of hay, fruits, and vegetables, but that can be a difficultThe cavy also enjoys bell peppers, which happen to be very rich in vitamin C, an essential nutrient. Find out what fruits, vegetables, and herbs you can feed your guinea pig. Vitamin C and Calcium info also included.highlighting the fun and serious moments of caring for guinea pigs. 4 Live Guinea Pig Web Cams Blog | Portland, Oregon USA. Vegetables like carrots that come with high sugar content are only good as occasional indulgences. Since all fruits have high sugar content, they should alsoThey can get kidney stones with any more than a fragment each day. Peppers: Bell peppers are rich in vitamin C and guinea pigs relish them. Vegetables and fruits, even if some of them are healthy and nutritious, should only be given sparingly because the pellets already provide the guinea pigs with everything they need.How long can guinea pigs go without food? What causes vitamin C deficiency in guinea pigs? When your guinea pig isnt feeling well, even from Vitamin C deficiency, it may be reluctant to eat supplements or Vitamin C-rich treats.[23] In this case, ensure that its getting enough Vitamin C by administering liquid Vitamin C in theCould you list fruits and vegetables my guinea pig can eat? Here is the list of some of the fruits and vegetables that guinea pigs particularly love and that give them the best nutritional benefits.Red has the highest vitamin C concentration). Carrots - both the root and the green tops are perfectly safe for your guinea pig. Fruits Vegetables With Vitamin A Vitamin C.List of Vitamin C Rich Foods for Babies. Which Vitamins Are the Best as a Vegetable Substitute? What Vitamins Does an Orange Contain? Guinea Pig Diet Fruits and Vegetables Made Easy fresh vegetables and fruits occasionally are an important part of your guinea pigs diet.Vitamin C rich foods Citrus fruits Nutrition Tips Health SUBSCRIBE FOR more RECIPES ON For more In the wild, guinea pigs have a diet which is rich in fresh vegetables, fruits, and flowers.Feeding your guinea pigs vegetables and fruit as a regular part of their diet provides them with a wide range of essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C. It also keeps their diet varied and interesting. At winter season you should replace grass with fresh vegetables to keep them healthy with a diet rich in vitamins. Fruits should be always handledVegetables for Guinea Pigs. Vegetables should be the main fresh food in their nutrition plan at the winter season if/and there is no way to get fresh grass. Also, guinea pigs may refuse or reduce their consumption of water with added vitamin C due to the taste, and this may lead to other health problems.Leafy greens should make up the bulk of the vegetable supplementation, and fruits and other vegetables can be offered in small quantities. Guinea pigs love fruits and vegetables, which is great because fruits and vegetables are an important part of their diet and keep them happy and healthy!Even if a bag of pellets says that its fortified with Vitamin C, do not take this as a replacement for vitamin-rich vegetables. Switch the kind of fruits and vegetables you are giving them every few days so they dont get bored. By feeding them an adequate amount and range of vitamin C rich foods, youll be fortifying your guinea pigs health greatly.