javascript code to disable ctrl key





I have never had success disabling the alt-keys for built-in browser menu items, and the way theSo NOTICE: Do not rely on JavaScript attempts to disable hotkeys as an iron-clad security measure!- This code disables only CTRL-P, which can be useful in preventing printing of a page. For example, I want users to be able to enter CtrlD without the browser trying to bookmark the videos HTML page. As far as I can tell I need javascript code to disable the Ctrl key, but I havent found anything that works. Still i can save by pressing Ctrl s in browser. STEP : click in link of address bar and press Ctrl s. Is there any permanent way to prevent Ctrl s to save the HTML page ??Thank you very much, sorry for spelling errors bad English know your code helped me a lot! Craft JS. internet explorer internet explorer 11 javascript keyboard shortcuts.Im trying to disable Ctrlo key combination in IE, the following code works fine in all IE versions except IE 11 unless I do an alert as you see in code below So I set out to create a small Java Script that disables any ctrl key combination (e.g. ctrl v, ctrl c, ctrl a, etc.). Script is a bit more complicated than Disable form submit on enter keypress and it