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Watch this Spanish video lesson on how to say beautiful, handsome, cute and pretty in Spanish(Maria thinks she is very pretty.) 10. Mi novia es la mujer ms linda del mundo. (My girlfriend is the most beautiful women in the world.) How to Say Hello in Spanish. Weve covered good morning and goodnight, but we mustnt forget the most simple Spanish greeting of them all: hola, which means hello. Instructor: How do you say she speaks?Thats why Spanish speakers will sometimes use the words l and ella. for clarity or emphasis. Instructor: Again, how do you say she speaks? (November 2009) (Learn how and when to remove this template message).Kurdish. Kher be inshalla. Many times when one sneezes, they say that the thing they are about to do will not happen.Spanish. Here are seven different ways in which you can say How are you? in SpanishCmo van las cosas? (koh-moh bahn lahs koh-sahs) (How are things [going]?)Cmo andas? (koh-mo ahn-dahs) (How are you doing? [literally: how are you walking?]) If your lover is from Spain, and you are planning hard to impress him or her by saying those three golden words in his or her mother tongue, or you just want to make your love confession special by saying it in a musical language like Spanish, or you justHow do you Say I Love You in Spanish? She has said her language is Punjabi but I dont know more details (India or Pakistan, etc).MacMannus Sunday 02nd of December 2007 09:51:19 AM I would like to learn how to say "How do you say that in Punjabi.: The first phrase I learned in Spanish was "I am sorry I dont speak Spanish" I tried Google but I dont speak Spanish, so I was thinking, gay might come out as "happy" on a translator? So how would you say the equivalent in Spanish.

Also do other languages have similar "non-offensive" and "non-clinical" terms for gays? Im writing a composition about Elizabeth Taylor but it has to be all in spanish. and I dont know how to say "she became more and more popular and made millions" in spanish. She was afraid Lisa, someone I had put her in contact with, was possibly an unfit mother. What made it worse, Lisa had multiple foster children over a year.And if you are wondering how to say the clap in Spanish, its la gonorrhea. Spanish (Spain). You can say! Ella es espantosa.Highly-rated answerer. Ranked in the top 0.03 for Spanish (Spain). Only the questioner, answerer, or Premium users can play this audio.

If you want to learn how to say " beautiful" in Spanish in any context, just follow these . You can tell a woman that she is beautiful, or thatLook out! Mande, What did you say ? . churro(a), handsome guy/ pretty girl, type of food. 11 04 - What makes Spanish so enticing and such a beautiful language? . How do you say April fool in Spanish? he asked her when she came in and gave him an all-is-forgiven kiss on the cheek. Her lips were cold the day had been chilly, and she was wearing the same parka as in the morning over her jeans and running shoes. Why are we reminded of the time Hillary said she aint in no ways tiaaared, and mentioned carrying hot sauce around in her purse? Hrm. Its right on the tip of our tongue oh yeah, because she never stops pandering. How do you say I was in Spanish? Saying I was is a little bit more complicated in Spanish, because there are essentially two words for to be (ser and estar), plus two main past tenses ( preterite and imperfect). Английская грамматика бесплатно - неправильные глаголы, система английских времён, английские скороговорки и многое другое. Ben never forgets to say "Please" and "Thank you". How do you say "goodbye" in French? Im sorry, what did you say? Do you know what she said to him?in Spanish. Question 2: How does one say in Russian that a woman is nice? By "nice," I mean very kind and with a good heart, like Mother Teresa. Would it be correct to say, "Mother Teresa очень симпатична," or would people laugh at me because she is far from симпатичная? How do you say I like in Spanish? Me gusta is one of the most useful basic expressions.Well also cover how to say you love something, want something, or hate something. I like in Spanish: Me gusta. How do you say to give a ticket in spanish. Poner una multa.How would you tell your friend that he or she is making you nervous? Me estas poniendo nervioso. The houses on stilts in Sinamaica are known as. Spanish greetings. How to say hello and goodbye.Do you know how to get there? Differences between Spanish and English questioning.In Spanish you dont need to use words like "do" or "will" (auxiliary verbs). So theres no "will she come?", its just "she comes?" This article offers four different solutions -- all phrases in Spanish -- for how you do say this one little and very common English word.Ellas no van a invitarla en todo caso porque se cree lo mximo (They arent going to invite her because after all, she is conceited). How do I say "Hello, how are you? My name is Cathy and Ill be your waitress today" in Spanish?This version of How to Say How Are You in Spanish was reviewed by Keelan Daye on March 2, 2015. 4. How do you say following in your familys footsteps in Spanish? 5.How to significantly reduce my hairstylists tip, without upsetting her? Grounding in Space. Why would a group chose to remain raiders? How do I or my husband tell my mother in law she smells? The pop superstar turned 32 on October 25, and on Saturday, she was joined by boyfriend Orlando Bloom and pals includ.How Do You Say I Love You in Spanish?October 13. My gf is hispanic and i asked her how to say you are mine forever in spanish and she said it would mean the world to her if i learned it by myself and surprise her with it : ) Help please ? She must have been sunbathing all. the time she was in Spain. My dear, if you say I was talking in my sleep last night.. Peter cant speak Spanish very well. . Mary can practise on our piano if she wants to. It is used to know how many grapes do you eat? But in informal style, pegas comes of the verb to clue.8. Shes a fat cow. 12. maybe you could say the games in the bag, or well cream the other team or the other teams toast or well bury the other team. or a game English English - Japanese English - Korean English - Spanish Japanese - English Spanish - English.I always said I would buy a motorbike when I had enough money.say how/why/who etc Did she say whatI dont know she didnt say.

say something to somebody What did you say to her? 144 Contributions. How you say she in Spanish? "Ella."How do you say the answer is in Spanish? la respuesta es. If youve learned Spanish for more than a few weeks, you probably know that l typically means "he" (or sometimes "him") and ella means " she."How Do You Say "There Is" or "There Are" in Spanish? 10 Types of Spanish Pronouns. Here are some ways to say hello in Spanish that you probably havent heard about.So for instance, Hola, John, dime, Cmo ests, y en qu puedo ayudarte? means Hello, John, so tell me, how are you and what can I help you with? The literal translation of "I want to fk you" from English to Spanish is "yo quiero chingar," but if youd like a better chance at gratification may we suggest that you try asking a lady if shed like for you to make love to her, which would be "Quiero hacerte el amor" in Spanish ("I want to make love to. Lets take a look at some solid examples of how to say when in Spanish and when to use whensee what I did there? lol.What if you wanted to use the word when in Spanish in a more relative sense? I was sleeping when she got home. Say 642 in spanish. This calculator converts spanish numbers into text and audio.How do I correctly fill in the amount of 642 in a cheque? Perhaps, you have reached us looking for the answer to a question like: How do you say 642 in spanish. Well you would not say it like that in English. young lady - ray76 Jan 22, 2015. Perfect translation, but you forgot "is" in the title - JulianChivi Jan 22, 2015.Descriptive Adjectives in Spanish quiz. How to Talk about Years in Spanish. How would you say "Shes out of the house" in Spanish? What are some ways to say "calm down" in Spanish?Related Questions. How do I say "I speak a little Spanish" in Spanish? How do you say "I like you" in Spanish with "gustar"?I dont like dogs at all. No me gustan nada los perros. I like the way she smiles. Me gusta como sonre. I dont like you going out with them. (note the use of the subjunctive: salgas). How do you say i have a lot of homework in spanish. Lyon. Jl: 46 am home, when doing and spanish learners make sure to build more homework or two.She also grammaticalized quite enough. While under the spanish speaker. 46 Get out your flashcards Get out the flashcards to say You (polite) un doctor.54 Pronouns I yo you t he l she ella you polite usted we nosotros you all vosotros they ellos they (girls) ellas you all (polite) ustedes How do I say IS or ARE in Spanish? As the old Spanish saying goes, a man whose wife is cheating on him is called a cabrn i.e. his horns are growing.I have friends from Peru, Colombia, Mxico, El Salvador, Panama and they all get very surprised about how Spanish use these bad words for almost everything. Cute Words To Say In Spanish Quiz. Take this quiz to see how much Spanish you know. You will also learn Spanish!Spanish girl friend i would like if if you tell me. here are some cute things i know how to say her Question words: what, when, where, who, why, how, which, how much, how many, how often, how long - grammar exercises. told you she was here ? do you say "house" in Spanish ? Im watchin the Hannah Montana episode (lol) where Jackson tutors that girl in spanish and she askes him that.What is the origin of spanish? How do you say handsome in Spanish? El (he) se llama Ella (she) se llama is how it is properly said. Mini Spanish Lessons for beginners - translated commonly used phrases into Spanish. Want to see the whole set of videos AND follow my little girls and I as Burning Questions: 7 Key Spanish Question Words Youll Need to Get the Answers You Crave. They say theres no such thing as a stupid question.Here are the basic how-tos of setting up a question in Spanish, a few tips and words to get you started with your question-asking in Spanish. How do you say she was looking at the tv in Spanish.Can someone please tell me where I can find how to say "are" in Spanish. Its not in my Spanish book or Spanish dictionary we have to have for class. How do you say she likes pizza in Spanish? Foreign Languages. accountcircle Unassigned. How was your weekend? I hope it was fun. Today we have a little grammar post about reflexive pronouns in Spanish. In English we have the reflexive pronouns to say that we perform and receive an action: I saw myself in the mirror. Enjoy yourself! She cut herself with a knife.