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image-url("rails.png"). All these weird hex characters at the end of your precompiled images will be respected automatically.I make some changes in the app/assets/stylesheets/.css.scss but it does not change anything on the website. .logo background-image: image-url("logo.png") The helpers image-path, asset-url, and asset-path can also be used.Use your application.js and application.css manifests to pull in your assets. Should I allow Rails to serve static files? Yes. Using asset hosts. By default, Rails links to these assets on the current host in the public folder, but you can direct Rails to link to assets from a dedicated asset server by setting ActionControllerimageurl(source, options ) Link. Computes the full URL to an image asset. I have a Rails app with the following in /app/assets/stylesheets/styles. css.erb: nestedbg background-position: left top background-image: url(< assetpath siteheader2.png >) background-repeat: repeat-x background-attachment: fixed When I run rake assets Go to /stylesheets/scaffolds.css.

scss. in the body block, add this code for the image.1) As per Robertos comments, I used the tag image-url instead of just url. I believe this now allows the image to be loaded in the rails asset pipeline. body background: 00ff00 url(rails.png) no-repeat fixed center The new asset pipeline stuff finds that image in the assets folder. However when I rake assets:compile the resulting compiled CSS still references rails.png but the asset is now called This operation creates an erb parallel copy of the rendered scss file with the url directives replaced with Rails assetpath invocationsset :cssdir, stylesheets set :jsdir, javascripts set :imagesdir, assets. background-image:url(/assets/images/background.jpg). and nothing worked. Please help me. Disable Railss static asset server (Apache or nginx will already do this) config.servestatic assets false .

Compress JavaScripts and CSS config.assets.compress true . Using Image Assets. When adding an image background: .div-with-image: background: image-url(background.png)Add Index on Rails Active Record. CSS: Using Inline-block. How to Delete a Git Branch Locally and Remotely. No need to specify the images folder due to the way asset sync works. This worked for me: background- image: url(/assets/image.jpg)Rails 4.0.0 will look image defined with image-url in same directory structure with your css file. In addition to digest file names Rails 3 asset pipeline would produce a non-digest version public/ assets/application.csslogo background-image:url(< assetpath("logo.png") Here application. css.erb relies on app/assets/images/logo.png. Add images to the Rails Asset Pipeline Construct image asset URLs . Use assetpath and asseturl helpers.Ruby on Rails CSS background-image: url() | Treehouse Community. Accept static path for images with rails (5) pipeline? CSS file is not being applied.Generate digests for assets URLs config.assets.digest true . Defaults to Rails.root.join("public/assets") config.assets.manifest YOURPATH . Rails Assets. Build Status. GitHub.undefined method path for . css -element-queries1.0.2. CSS .logo background:url(/assets/images/admin/logo.png) FYI. Just for testing I am not using the assetpath tag just yet as I have not compiled my assets.In rails 4 you can now use a css and sass helper image-url: div.logo background- image: image-url("logo.png") background-image: asset-url("logo.png", image) background-image: asset- url(asset, asset-type). Or if you want to embed the image data in the css filerails 4 imagetag is not linking to my digested image assets. 2. Image urls for Rails 4 Less not including the hash. But what about images defined in your CSS or Sass files? If you use the new Asset Pipeline (Rails 3.1), this would work out-of-the-box. All image-path and image-url in your Sass files would automatically change to remote Cloudinary CDN URLs. For Rails 3.1 (3.1.3 is the latest release as I write this). If you have JQuery-UI CSS generated by the theme roller, say for the cupertino theme.But that JQuery-UI CSS contains relative URLs to image assets, of the form url(images/something.png). .some-div background: url(asset-path(someimage.png))Private files for your Rails app using S3. How can I protect a users file uploads in Rails? Put your tests to good use, Refactor with confidence. This is useful for CSS postprocessor compilation outside of the Rails pipeline when you still want to deploy assets through Rails.

If it is under major version 4, it will replace font urls with font-url and image urls with image-url. assets:precompile doesnt replace image asset paths in CSS Issue moomerman opened this Issue on May 22, 2011 44 comments body background: 00ff00 url(< assetpath rails.png >) no-repeat fixed center Katrina kaif hairstyle image Repsol new logo vector Photo app that makes you look cartoon Pariniti chopra photo download Philippine map vector png La portrait gallery photography Colormania level 16 icon 155 Airport lounge icon Aligning text next to an image Image overlay menu css Martillo vector So I uploaded my first Rails 4 project to Heroku only to find that none of my assets, including CSS and images were rendering.background: url(auth-icons.png) no-repeat 99px 99px According to this StackOverflow question about the same issue, heroku actually adds an identifier to all your image See the AssetUrlHelper documentation, which is available on any Rails view! Recommended from our users: Dynamic Network Monitoring from WhatsUp Gold from IPSwitch. CSS and Sass: If you want to use a data URI a method of embedding the image data directly into the CSS file you can use the assetdatauri helper.When using the asset pipeline, paths to assets must be re-written and sass- rails provides -url and -path helpers (hyphenated in Sass, underscored 0.4.4 Jammit will now add the RAILSASSETID timestamp to image URLs within your CSS packages, if configured, for better cache-busting. Greg Hazel contributed a series of Jammit/Windows bug fixes. assets. myimage.jpg images. standardimage.png. In my css.scss file, both of these work in development, but they dont work in production.somediv background: url("assets/myimage.jpg") . Ive done RAILSENVproduction rake assets:clean assets:precompile. Using CSS styles with the Rails asset pipeline - Duration: 6:27. edutechional 1,275 views.Ruby on Rails Tutorial 31 Amazon S3 Image Uploading Finale - Duration: 8:29. background-image: url(images/icons-18-white.png). and obviously it doesnt cope with Rails 3.3 asset managementis there anyway to solve this issue but modifying all urls in the jQuerymobile css to be background-image: url(assets/icons-18-white.png). background-image:url(/images/dep.jpg)Tags: ruby-on-rails css background-image.Edit:If you are using rails 3.1 then this would be different as Rails 3.1 uses the concept of asset pipeline for the assets of your application so then then pathapp/assets/ images/dep.jpgwould obviously work. Rails Asset. Command. assets cache.src: asset-url(Junction-webfont.eot, font) background-image:image-url(application/typewriterdark.jpg) src: url2) initialize/assets.rb precompile. 3) css fonts. url asset-url Sass helper -> . somediv background: url("assets/myimage.jpg") . Ive done RAILSENVproduction rake assets:clean assets:precompile.Rails Asset Not Generating Correct URL for Precompiled Asset. Possible to pass arguments to CSS classes? [duplicate]. Its simple quation, but have litle problem with this. Its my path for css - assets/content/stylsheets/my.css Its path picture for background url[Rails] css background image not working. [Rails] embedded font. [Rails] Routing error for stylesheets in rails 3.0. This module provides methods for generating asset paths and urls.If that wildcard is present Rails distributes asset requests among the corresponding four hosts assets0.example.com, , assets3.example.com.imagetag("rails.png") > ) from my CSS. I executed this command before pushing into production : bundle exec rake assets:precompile RAILSENVproduction. bundle exec rake assets:precompile RAILSENVproduction. Dont forget to specify the environment otherwise the css wont be minified properly.url(< assetpath "images/myimage.png" >). Even if the image is actually in app/ assets/images because it wont generate the right link. If I dig a little deeper and view the css of the running app the background image url property is missing the bucket name from the url. rake assets:precompile RAILSENVproduction. This allows assetsync to upload the files it requires to run correctly. assets. myimage.jpg. images. standardimage.png. In my css.scss file, both of these work in development, but they dont work in productionbackground: url("assets/myimage.jpg"). Ive done RAILSENVproduction rake assets:clean assets:precompile. Ive deleted my tmp/cache. logo background: url(< assetdatauri logo.png >) . Source: Referencing the Rails documents we see that there are a few ways to link to images from css. Just go to section 2.3.2. background-image:url(/assets/images/background.jpg). and nothing worked. Please help me. Disable Railss static asset server (Apache or nginx will already do this) config.servestatic assets false . Compress JavaScripts and CSS config.assets.compress true . Rails comes equipped with Sass by default. When you build a new app, an application. css stylesheet is created for you. This isnt just a normal stylesheet -- rather, it stands as a master stylesheet in the Rails Asset Pipeline. So I have got my rails site up on production for the most part but I realized I was missing a few images. I looked at my precompiled css file and the image urls are calling the images directly like url(/assets/gototop.png) which it wont find since my image is now something like When you deploy, Rails runs assets:precompile which precompiles all assets into static files that live in public/assets.wont work any longer, because there is no public/assets/images. foo.png now lives directly in public/ assets.app/assets/images/imagesroot.css app/assets/images/imagesroot.js background-image: url(/assets/image.jpg) Rails4: imageurl not generating digest in scss. Should use assetpath.I deleted all ressources from public/images stylesheets javascript. I renamed my style.css to style.css.scss.erb. I manually added assets/images directory in a rails 3.2 app and added the image background.png . When referring to the image from css background: url( assets/background.png) no-repeat I am getting a. Am using the background-image property in my rails app, i have used it previously, its pretty easy and it works all the time but dont know why its not working now. Body padding: 0 margin: 0 background- image: url("/assets/mainbanner.jpg") background-attachment:fixed Rails.application.config.assets.paths << Rails.root.join(nodemodules) . Only compile js and css filesitemsfootage display: inline-block content: width: 300px min-height: 300px background: url(/assets/footagestill.png) no-repeatThe path of my image is assets/images/footagestill.png. Assets in Rails are items that are considered static such as your images, CSS files or Javascript codeclass background-image: url(< assetpath image.png >) . and in SASS/SCSS.