Knowing More About the Importance of Small Business Branding

“Hey, I just have a small business, and I really do not have the time, the resources and/or the energy to bother about brand marketing.”  Have you heard a new business person saying that? Well, (s)he is mistaken; the importance of small business branding can never be reiterated too often. After all, there is going to be a time when you will want to expand your business. What is going to happen if your prospective dealers look at your logo and say, “Well, who is that? I do not recognize that logo. I am not going to experiment with these products. Who knows about the quality? I am going to go to a brand name which I recognize, even if it is comparatively expensive.” The same thing could happen to your prospective customers and clients, too. So, the moment you set up your shop (whether online or offline), you need people to get to know about your brand name and your logo, which is going to be your market identity and the prospective reputation that you are going to build up in the market in the future.

Brand marketing can also work in the opposite direction! It can make your name synonymous with bad products and worse customer care. Now, just imagine a company that has spent thousands of dollars in brand marketing, but a number of people just shrug when they hear its name. That is, perhaps because they have had some bad experiences with the product and with the customer care services, the dealer services, and the after-sales service offered to them by that company. You do not want that to happen to your company, do you?

Remember that brand marketing is not something that can be done overnight. It is going to be a long and arduous process. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars in advertising your product. As long as people know they are going to get a good run for their money  the moment they see your product in the market, well, they are instinctively going to remember your brand. The moment your name becomes eponymous  with one particular product, well, you can consider yourself the master of that particular niche. This is the goal and aim when you go in for brand marketing!

How to Make Small Business Branding Successful

All the major companies spend a great deal of time and money working on creating brand recognition. Even if you do not run a large corporation, you can increase your business success through branding. As a small business owner, you can use some of the same methods the big companies use to get your message out to your potential clients.

*Be consistent with your main identifiers. Choose a single tagline and use it everywhere you advertise or describe your business. Design a logo for your company and feature it prominently on all your advertising, your correspondence and your Internet sites.

*Decide what you want customers to remember most about you. Are your products unique? Do you provide services that are not commonly available? Do you offer the highest quality around? Perhaps you want your customers to remember your financing department or your customer service. Focus on what makes your business special and remind your audience of it often.

*Reach out through social media to help establish your brand. Get on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites. Create a blog and add to it regularly. Link to all these sites through your main website, and link back to your website from the information sections of each of these sites. On all media, keep in mind what you want your customers to know about you and keep reminding them every chance you get without being overbearing.

*Use video sites such as YouTube to give your customer a multimedia presentation of your product or service. Show what your company makes or does. Do it in a fun way that will help you get as many views as possible. Before you upload the video, watch it to make sure you will be perceived in a way that is consistent with your branding message. For example, if you are emphasizing your professionalism, make sure to act and dress the part.

*Don’t go from one marketing idea to another constantly. Stick with a branding method long enough to really know how well it will work for you. If you give it a fair shot and it does not draw the audience you had hoped for, you might want to keep the core idea and refine it. Otherwise, you can come up with a totally new idea. Just remember to give each campaign a good try first.

Small business branding is a valuable tool for achieving success in the marketplace. The two most important things about branding are to have a distinct message and to get that message out consistently. When you have done both, your business will thrive.

The Importance of Small Business Branding

Most small business owners are confused with the term ‘brand.’ You may think that only big corporations obsess themselves with branding. That is because even small businesses can find themselves with a strong brand name that will surely achieve great things for the company. However, small business branding can be as complicated as creating a tagline or perhaps a logo. A small business brand should be about everything that the business has done or is currently doing. This could even be much like a person’s biography.

A small business brand is very much like a collage. It should be made up of who the owner is, who the consumers are, the things that the employees can say, and even what the press can say about the owner and the company as well. In your business, everything has to be an open book.

Keep in mind that branding is not optional. Every interaction that you make with your clients creates an impression. For you to be able to create a very powerful brand, there should be an alignment between your vision and the gut feelings that your customers have about your company. Brand is the main driver of purchase because people are loyal to brands. A strong brand nowadays has to be unique. A strong brand does not need to compete in markets. Why? Simply because strong brand is responsible for defining the market.

Here are some branding insights and realities:

  • By not having a brand, your company will not be able to communicate who you are and what your product is all about to your prospective client.
  • Branding is not merely just about the company logo. Branding in fact is the process of taking out your capabilities as a business person and putting it into good use. This is the process wherein you would be able to test your capability by enlisting the things that you can do for your customers and communicate all of these potentials through a complete and unified brand identity.
  • Despite the fact that you have to choose a brand that is favorable to your clients, you cannot just go ahead and choose something that would resonate with them but is completely different with who you are as a business owner. There will be a need for you to ask yourself as to who you are as an individual, who you are as a business owner, and what are the things that you have that you can offer to your customers that will resonate with them. As a matter of fact, this goes hand in hand.
  • You have to instill yourself into the brand that you are creating. As a business owner, you cannot separate the brand itself from what you do.
  • This is because if you create a brand that does not represent you will surely fail. Your brand should be a product of who you really are. Customers will appreciate it more if your brand symbolizes you as the owner of the company. In small business branding, this is the most important thing: As the business owner, the brand should be you.